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June 8th, 2011
08:27 AM ET

NAACP responds to criticism of lawsuit aimed at preventing school closures

This week, CNN education contributor Steve Perry was fired up about the NAACP's decision to join the New York City teachers union in a lawsuit to stop the city from closing some of its worst-performing schools. The closures would then open the door for new charter schools to take over those buildings.

To respond to Steve Perry's argument, AM's Christine Romans spoke with NAACP general counsel Kim Keenan about the group's position on the lawsuit.

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June 8th, 2011
08:15 AM ET

Wild weather: What's behind the recent tornadoes, floods, record heat

When it comes to the weather this year, the U.S. can't seem to catch a break.

With historic flooding, a record number of tornadoes, raging wildfires in Arizona and record heat across the country, could all these weather elements be related?

Jack Hayes, the director of the NOAA National Weather Service, talks with American Morning's Kiran Chetry to explain why the U.S. is experiencing intense weather and whether it's part of a bigger trend.

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June 8th, 2011
08:07 AM ET

Will Rep. Weiner's career survive the sexting scandal?

Washington (CNN) - Democratic leaders in Congress turned their backs Tuesday on embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner a day after the New York Democrat admitted to improper sexually-tinged communications with women and lying about it.

"I wish there was some way I could defend him, but I can't," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, told reporters. Asked what he would say if Weiner sought advice, Reid smiled and responded: "I'd tell him to call someone else."

This morning on American Morning, Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman and CNN political contributor James Carville discuss how Rep. Anthony Weiner can come out strong after the sexting scandal.

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