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February 9th, 2011
01:41 PM ET

Parents of gunned-down student speak out

American Morning’s T.J. Holmes sat down with Angella and Danroy Henry Sr., the parents of Pace University student-athlete Danroy Henry Jr. who was shot by a police officer in late October, and discussed the unresolved details regarding their son’s death.

Although Mrs. Henry expressed no interest in wanting to talk to the officer in question, Mr. Henry has one question, “Why?”  “I would love to talk to him, because I’d love to ask him just why. Officers aren’t trained to escalate risk, they’re trained to deescalate,” he said.

The Henrys are currently in the process of filing a $120 million lawsuit against the Pleasantville police department while the grand jury continues to investigate their son’s case. Watch the full interview below.

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